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This Wireless Charger is the Fastest in the Market And Will Boost your Smartphone’s Performance

Friday, November 15th 2019

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Are you a mobile user? Of course you are! You probably have faced issues while charging your phone. Sometimes your battery dies too quickly or takes too long for it to reach 100%. It might be a trick that manufacturers use to make you get sick of your device and buy a new one. Why? To get you to spend your money on their products. Surely, batteries aren’t made to last forever but why not give them a chance to live up to their full potential?

Winergy allows you to charge your smartphone extremely fast and wirelessly. All it takes is to plug it in a power source and then place your phone on top of it

You might find yourself cornered by thousands of opportunities that appear on the market. Now more than ever! Black Friday is just around the corner and everyone wants to exploit these sales to get their dream gadgets. You might have a list full of them yourself! Which one can climb its way to the top of the list though? Winergy seems to combine all the features to be up there. It’s a smart device that allows you to charge your phone quicker and with more power than the traditional chargers. It takes this experience to a comfort level you haven’t seen before. To top that, your smartphone’s performance and battery life is supposed to get doubled. Is it true though? We tested it for you and here’s what we have to say!

See for yourself!

Winergy has a great advantage! What kind of advantage you may ask? It doesn’t require cables to charge your smartphone! You just connect it with a power supply like a socket or a power bank and it’s ready. Place your phone on top of it and you’ll immediately see the battery percentage going up. You can have access to it while it’s charging so don’t worry about that. No matter what smartphone you use, Winergy can boost its power and save its battery life.

Why is Winergy the winner among gadgets?

  • Better Faster Stronger

Winergy is enhanced with advanced technology that allows you to charge your smartphone faster than ever. “And what if I have a thick phone case and need to take it off everytime?” you might ask. The answer is pretty simple! It has a charging distance about a centimetre that can get through any phone case you probably use. This 10-Watt powerful charger can face any obstacle any day! This brilliant device is also smart. Once your battery is fully charged, a smart light will alert you. 

  • Designed to Shine

Life moves so fast and people constantly need their smartphones for an amount of tasks. That might lead to low battery level just in the middle of the day. Possibly when you are at your workplace. You need a charger that can follow you around wherever. From everyday responsibilities to travelling with friends. Winergy is designed just for that! Light as a feather and small as a smartphone. It fits everywhere and you won’t even notice it. It’s actually one of the thinnest wireless chargers in the world. 

  • Android or iOS? How about both?

Have you ever found yourself troubled about the software of your smartphone? Android users have some advantages and iOS users have others. It’s like a loosing game! Forget about all that! Winergy is here for everyone! It’s compatible with all devices both Android and iOS. Even if you have one of each, or have a roomate with a different smartphone software, you can charge them all with no trouble.

  • Easy-Peasy

Winergy is based on the idea that everyone should be able to use it easily. That’s why its design is the epitome of simplicity and effectiveness. Why get it the middle of a cable war that doesn’t seem to end? Why spend your precious time trying to solve the riddle of entangled wires? Don’t try to find a good reason. There’s none! Leave all that behind and enjoy a simpler and wireless life! Winergy is so easy to use that you’ll be surprised. Just connect it with a power supply like a socket, a power bank or even your laptop through standard micro-USB. Then put your phone on top of it and see your battery come to life. That’s it!

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Charging your smartphone at its finest

  • Powerful and Fast Charge
  • Smart Light Technology
  • Charging Distance 1 cm
  • No Wires
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Compatible With Android and iOS

Our team took it for a ride and these are its thoughts

"I used to take my charger with me at the office and everytime I faced a mess of entangled wires. This belongs in the past now that I tried Winergy. Plus the smart light always helps me know when my smartphone reached 100%."
John Doe
"Being so busy all the time I found myself in situations with low battery. This needed to stop. Now I charge my phone so fast I don't even know when it happened. I bought one for the office and one for my home. It's brilliant!"
John Doe
"Being a businessman, I need more than one smartphones. I currently use both Android and iOS software. It was a nightmare having to carry with me not one but two chargers. Fortunately, this isn't an issue anymore as my Winergy is compatible with both of my phones."
John Doe

How much does Winergy cost?

Is this another mainstream charger? No! Will you save your battery for good? Yes! This Black Friday your wish-list doesn’t have to be short! Winergy offers everything you want without spending a fortune.

It costs only 49€ with free shipping worldwide!

The team of Mobile Charging Solutions gives you the thumbs up for this product! It’s the perfect opportunity either for you or a friend. Winergy is a brilliant idea for a gift too! It’s a smartphone saver that will keep your battery alive and boost its performance.

  • Fast Charge and Boosted Performance
  • No Wires Required
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Compatible With Android and iOS
  • 50% Discount Currenlty Available
  • Stock is Limited

How to get it

You can now get your own Winergy with a couple of clicks. At the moment you can find it 50% cheaper at the introductory price:

  1. Order Winergy from the official site.
  2. Charge your smartphone faster than ever.

This is one of the greatest Black Friday sales. Right?

Charge your smartphone wirelessly and faster than ever with Winergy


Get Winergy with 50% discount & free shipping


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